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Sale price$50.00

Brim : Curved

Fit : Low Crown VelcroBack w/ Thermotrol Technology

Color : Black w/ Red Logo

George Kittle’s Favorite Workout Hat!

This - RESID3NCY - Engineered hat is a limited edition design in collaboration with Tight End University and was distributed to the NFL Tight End attendees. The Thermotrol Technology contains moisture absorption, cooling and drying features woven into the lightweight, breathable material. We wanted to keep the hat simple and clean to be a performance staple athletes can use in any type of conditions. 

On the front we have the Hidden Pearls Podcast logo and on the back you will see UNITE. TEU was designed with the vision to unite players across the league to strengthen the position. A network of humans working together and supporting one another through the challenges of an NFL life.
Hidden Pearls Podcast has the same vision and goal; to UNITE the world through storytelling and human connection. 
15% of profits will be donated towards our selected Hidden Pearls Podcast organizations. As you tune in for Season 3 of the Hidden Pearls Podcast, we hope you feel proud and connected as your purchase contributes to the mission of these incredible organizations.
85 of the hats will come with an option to also purchase a signed George Kittle player card. 

(All card sales are final)

Thank you!
- The Kittle Family